101 Log Cabin Blocks

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101 Log Cabin Blocks

Книга о квилтинге, в ней собраны схемы 101 блока для квилтинга, схемы даны в натуральную величину, каждая имеет оригинальное название, примеры подбора цветов, рисунков. Схемы как старинные , так и современные.

Everyone who loves Log Cabin blocks will love owning this book! Not only does it include the traditional Log Cabin Block (in four sizes), it takes the Log Cabin out of the past and into a new creative realm of innovative block design. We've twisted the logs and changed the usual rectangular strip shape-making this the most exciting collection of Log Cabin blocks ever! We've included new pictorial blocks where the logs become flowers, houses, hearts, birdhouses, baskets, a cat, a bunny, a tree and even an ornament. We've definitely stretched the definition of a Log Cabin block being strips (or logs) added around a center square. Using the foundation method for piecing, the quilter doesn't have to worry about exact cutting of any weird shapes or tedious matching of points. Pieces are added to a paper or muslin foundation using a stitch-and-flip-open technique where all you have to do is stitch on the line. We've also included instructions for planning and finishing quilts using Log Cabin blocks so that you will be able to successfully complete your own unique quilt. If a quilter loves Log Cabin blocks and paper/foundation piecing, these blocks will bring hours of enjoyment and delight quilters of all skill levels.

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