365 Foundation Quilt Blocks

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365 Foundation Quilt BlocksВ книге 365 выкроек блоков для квилтинга - на каждый день года, а из этих блоков шьется большое изделие каждый месяц на определенную тему, Рождество, лето, урожай и т.п.

It's quiltmaking made as simple as paint-by-numbers! With a new method called Foundation Piecing, you just follow a numerical sequence to stitch fabric onto a foundation. Even the smallest pieces meet precisely, quickly, and accurately. With 365 projects, you could make one every day of the year. They're organized month-by-month, so you could make a patriotic quilt with the July blocks; a Thanksgiving quilt in November; a Christmas quilt with the December blocks; or pretty floral quilts with each month's flowers.

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